001: Welcome to the Startup Gizmo Podcast

* Introduction
* Why Startup Gizmo
* What to expect from the show
* Why subscribe


Hi, this is Alex Makarski and welcome to Startup Gizmo.

This is episode number one. Thank you for checking out my new venture, which is this very podcast you’re listening to.

I’m going to keep it super short today. I will take a minute to explain the reason why you might want to subscribe to this podcast, what to look forward to in the future episodes, and how to get the most value out of this content.

The reason you want to subscribe to this podcast is simple: It’s the awesome people that I’ll be bringing here and interviewing. From the guy who’s working on some super sexy tech designed to disrupt adventure sports, transportation, and education, to the early-stage Silicon Valley CEO with several successful exits behind his belt.

And from the founder of the leading nutritional brand in the UK to a guy who had invented a product that saves lives and then got squeezed out from the company he had created by his new business partners. (Much like it happened to Steve Jobs when he was fired from Apple by the board.)

Here’s how this show is going to be different, and I hope, BETTER, than so many other “talking heads” startup podcasts out there.

The most important criteria for someone to be on the show is that they come to the table with something INTERESTING. The judge of what’s interesting and what’s not will be yours truly. And, you know what, I’m a very curious guy and I like getting to the bottom of things. So it is my intention and my hope to become a very good curator of content, people, and things that will provide you with a lot of value.

But please, please, please, help to co-created this show. Reach out to me email ([email protected]) or Twitter (@startupgizmo) with comments, questions and suggestion. Let’s make this a two-way street.

Before I sign off here, I need to ask you to do something very important. If you’re not driving right now, go to startupgizmo.com and subscribe with your email. When you do that, I am going to give you three things:

* Transcripts of all episodes.
* Special offers, freebies, discounts, and coupons when those are provided by our guests.
* We’ll be launching a number of products and training on how to get to traction in a startup. Early bird prices and in some cases free preview copies will be made available via email as well.

So, once again, go to startupgizmo.com now and enter your email there now.

This is all for today. Thank you and talk to you on the next episode.