So Long Marketing Automation. Hello Marketing Orchestration

Marketing Automation is coolest, hottest things right now in marketing.

(If something can be coolest and hottest at the same time.)

Funnel this. Pixel that.

Automate, automate, automate! 

Automating simple, repetitive tasks and freeing up humans from them is important. However, it's not nearly as important as being able to micro-segment your contacts and then deliver...

the right message...

to the right person...

at the right time...

via the right media.

And that's what we call Marketing Orchestration.  Automation is just about being efficient. Orchestration is about being efficient and effective. 

About StatupGizmo

StartpGizmo provides marketing automation and marketing software integration services to funded tech startups and medium-size businesses. It's a brainchild of Alex Makarski, a Toronto-based marketing technolgy expert. 

About Alex Makarski

Alex brings to the table over two decades of consulting and business experience. He has served CTO and CMO for several technology companies and has many years of experience of putting together and implementing entreprise software solutions. 

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